Family Photoshoot - "Where has the time gone?"

If you have ever asked yourself "Where has the time gone" you are old and/or wise enough to realise and appreciate the importance of family togetherness. Wouldn't it be nice if you could freeze a memory to remember forever? If you have children you know how quickly they grow up so there is no need for me to explain the importance - only to remind you!

Why have a family shoot ?

A Family portriat is an investment - It's a professional service that will cost more and there is a reason for that. You are investing in something that will be valubel for a lifetime. By creating a family portrait you are freezing a moment in time. The second it is created it will grow in value. Ask yourself the questions, there is a fire in your home which do you save: TV, phone or family portriat - it carries value. So don't make the mistake of thinking family portraits are not worth spending the money on. It's something to pass down through generations.

You also might be surprised as to how much fun it can be, it's not stiff and formal!

Here's what to expect and how to prepare:


You can either wear what you normally would as individuals OR you can dress as a unit, i.e. jeans and white tops. It's up to you as a family to decide - there is no right or wrong. It's less about looking perfectly groomed and more about capturing you as a family.


I use the beauty of Ullswater and her surrounding fells (mountians) as the backdrop. We will confirm the location closer to the time but it would help if you let me know what you'd like me to encorporate i.e. mountains, trees, flowers, sheep, Ullswater, water photos, acion photos etc We can work together to create stunning portraits. No shoot is ever the smae and I endeavour to capture each family in their unique sense. If you wanted to shoot away from the Ullswatr area I can accommodate this. Kids in particular thrive better outdoors than they do indoors as they can run and play around.


So you want a photo of the different generations, all females, all males, all kids, parents, grand paretns and kids etc etc etc, compile a list. Ask family members if they would like any specific cobination of people.

About 60% of the shoot is natural/documentary, but we do a few boring 'look at the camera and smile' photos too (and these I make as quick and painless as possible).

I will place you in a certain location and tell you to walk towards me, walk away from me, do an action etc These type of photos create natural expressions and smiles.

Pets & Props:

Bring them too - they are part of the family! Just let me know pre-shoot as I will try and choose a sheep-free location! If you wanted to bring any props to keep kids entertained that is fine too.

From a session you receive anywhere between 30 and 50 images. Here is a taster album to give you a feel for a shoot (this shoot the clients received over 50 images due to it being large number of people)

Please scroll down for some more family snaps and get in touch if you'd like to book yours.

Visit or email me at

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